Osho Quotes

Collection of Osho Quotes for facebook status updates

Love is not a higher quality than truth
When it comes to deciding between your love and your truth, truth has to be the decisive factor
Love is a wine you have to taste it, you have to drink it, you have to become drunk with it, only then do you know what it is
I am teaching you to live simply. To live with an idea is a very complicated living, it is cunning. To live simply, just like trees and birds
Osho Never Born. Never Died. Only Visited this Planet Earth between Dec 11 1931 - Jan 19 1990
Do not pay much attention to fear, because that is dangerous. If you pay much attention to fear you are feeding it, and it will grow
You cannot think about love. Either you can love, or you cannot, but you cannot think about it.
Respect your life. Out of that respect you will start respecting life in others
Do not be angry at life. It is not life that is frustrating you, it is you who are not listening to life
Stupidity is repetition, repeating others. It is cheap, cheap because you need not learn. Learning is arduous. It needs guts to learn
When your ego is no more, only then will you know who you are
Life is a balance between rest and movement
Knowledge is not information, it's transformation
No dead principles can help, but only living consciousness. Be absolutely unprincipled and just follow life
There is no need of any competition with anybody. You are yourself, and as you are, you are perfectly good. Accept yourself