Friendship Status

Collection of friendship status for facebook status updates and twitter tweets

When you win, I will proudly tell the world ~Hey thats my friend~ But, When U lose, I will sit by your side, hold your hand and say ~he i am your friend~
friendship means 2 help without hesitation, 2 give without expectation, 2 remember even without communication.
Friendship is not about whom U have known the longest, who came 1st or who came and never left. It is all about those who cares the Best.
I need not explain my friendship,Bcoz i have a friend who can understand even my silence.
Be slow in choosing friends slower in loosing them bcoz friendship is not an opportunity but it is a sweet resposibility.
Distance never breks any relation closeness never builds any realtion.If feelings R true from heart, then friends R Friends even miles apart.
Distance sometimes make friendship more valuable and absence makes it sweet because only then we know the real value of friend.