English Love Status

If love be rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking you and beat love down
Love college, Hate class
I am waiting 4 a lover
I am in Love
Are you in love
Love is a great beautifier
The heart that loves is always young
Things are beautiful if you love them
Love is the Rainbow between two Heart. Sharing of 7 feeLings, Love Sad Happy Truth Faith Secret Help
We Love ourself even after making so many mistakes Then how can we hate others 4 their small mistakes..... ~Strange but True ~
A lonely heart feels comfortable in d hands of an understanding heart. Never lose ur dear ones who understands you well..
Best lines said by a true lovr: I Cannot promise to solve all ur problems bt i can only make sure tat i will never let u face them alone
Everyday, Everywhere, Everytime, I May not be with you. My thinking, My care, My Msgs, My prayers and My lovely wishes are always with you
Sweet I Am, But Honey Is You. Image Is Mine, But Colours Are You, Flowers Is Me, But Fragrance Is You Happy I Am, But Reason Is U. I Love U
If you spend 1 minute to read this status, I feel very happy. Do u know why~ I know that 1 minute i am crossing your mind and passing over your HEART